Laparoscopic Abdominal Cerclage (TLAC)

Recurrent second trimester pregnancy loss is a devastating problem for couples attempting to have a child.  In many patients with repetitive second trimester loss the etiology results from an insufficiency of the uterine cervix.  In this condition the cervix opens painlessly and leads to an early loss of the pregnancy.

(DrNimaroff and his high-risk pregnancy team have extensive experience in assisting couples with recurrent pregnancy loss including patients with cervical insufficiency)

Treatment options for suspected cervical insufficiency include:

  • close surveillance with ultrasound and digital examination
  • vaginal progesterone supplementation
  • elective vaginal cerclage
  • laparoscopic/abdominal cerclage

A laparoscopic/abdominal cerclage is considered in patients in whom a vaginal cerclage has been previously unsuccessful. Using the above treatment options most patients with an incompetent cervix can carry a pregnancy to term.  Success rates between 70 and 95% have been reported.

Read Dr Nimaroff’s article on Abdominal Cerclage published in the May 2020 issue of OBG Management.