Benefits of LESS Surgery

LESS surgery, like other minimally invasive approaches to surgery, offers the benefit of a shorter hospital stay, less pain and risk of infection, and an easier recovery period compared to an open procedure that requires a large incision in the abdomen.

LESS affords the best cosmetic benefit possible with no visible scars after the completion of the surgery.

After laparoscopic surgery

After laparoscopic surgery

After LESS surgery

After LESS surgery

LESS may have even greater benefit than other types of laparoscopic surgery. The reason is because each surgical incision, even small ones, have a risk of bleeding, infection, pain and scarring. With LESS there is only one small incision.

Although every patient is different, recent medical evidence comparing LESS with the traditional laparoscopic hysterectomy (3-5 small incisions) to hysterectomy suggests that LESS results in less pain and an even lower need for narcotics to control pain after surgery.1-3

LESS surgery may be technically challenging and not all patients will be candidates for single incision (single port) surgery.  For some patients additional incisions or open surgery may be required.


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